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Shipping Supplies
 Postal Service Mailing Labels
 Pre-paid Envelopes (12" x 15")
(Customer charged postage)
 Small Boxes 6" X 6" X 4"
 Medium Boxes 8" X 8" X 6"
 Large Boxes 10" X 10" X 12"
 UPS Shipping Labels
(Customer charged postage)
 Postal Service Prepaid Shipping Labels
(Customer charged postage)
Soil Sampling Supplies
 Sample Bags - Regular
 Sample Bags - Large
 Information Sheets (4 samples per page)
 Information Sheets (30 samples per page)
 Greenhouse Media Sample Bags
Feed Sampling Supplies
 Feed Sample Bags
 CHS Labels
(CHS Customers Only)
 Elanco Labels
(Elanco Customers Only)
 Liquid Feed/Fat Bottles - 300cc
 Liquid Feed/Fat Labels
Plant Tissue Sampling Supplies:
 Plant Sample Bags - Large
 Plant Sample Bags - Small
 NS Tracker Labels
(Nutriscription Customers Only)
Manure/Fertilizer Sampling Supplies
 Manure Sample Bottles
 Manure Sample Bags
 Fertilizer Sample Bottles
Water Sampling Supplies
 Chain of Custody Forms
 Drinking Water Mailing Kit
 Irrigation Water Bottles
(Call Lab for Special Request)
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